Saturday, January 9, 2010

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you have Ads on the site?

Well blogging has inevitably turned into a full-time job for me. I enjoy doing it but in order to keep the prices of the psychic readings that I offer low. I needed the ads to supplement the sites income. I try daily to ensure that some ads are seen at most two times a day and hopefully the ads coming in between us for 5 seconds or less won't ruin our relationship.If you have any concerns please feel free to send me an email.

Why haven't you ever done a reading on X,Y, Z not so famous celebrity?

Doing a cold reading on a A-list celebrity is hard but when you get down to B,C and even Z-listers it's even harder. I don't want to ruin my credibility hence that's why you haven't seen any readings from such actors like whoseit whatsit from Smallville. I remember doing a reading on Amy Adams a couple months ago which was seemingly off base because I had never heard of Amy Adams. I recently just saw her on 3 episodes of "The Office" (US version) so I try not to takes those leaps and bounds anymore. Some celebs are just not on my radar.

Why do you take a week or more to answer my free reading questions?

I get inundated with questions and I try my hardest to answer everyone's question. Just a reminder please only ask one question per email. Questions such as, What do you see for me in 2010 are about 4 questions in one. Please be as specific as possible if you want your question answered in a timely fashion.

Why don't you update as much as Perezhilton, Dlisted, Justjared...?

I try my hardest to keep the website as fresh as possible. I can't just post a picture of Britney picking her boogers and make fun of it. I try to give quality to my post with a few quips in the mix. In between posting I am also answering questions, doing paid readings,playing with the layout of the site and watching daytime TV. My goal is not to compete with the top celebrity blogs because technically this isn't a gossip blog. Sometimes I might blur the lines but that's usually when my spirit guides are taking a siesta. As far as I know this is the most updated Psychic blog on the net.

Thank you all for visiting and showing your love and support.